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A Word About “Volunteers

”The heart and soul of every non-profit organization is it’s “Volunteers”. This is so true of The Kelowna Snowmobile Club. Throughout every year there are numerous chores and tasks that need to be carried out in order for our organization to maintain it’s status with BC Parks and BC Forestry and to just “get stuff done” in general.

Trail brushing, trail grooming, cabin maintenance, wood cutting, sign posting is just a brief list and this doesn’t touch on all the clerical issues that need to be addressed as well. A “Volunteer” is just that. Someone who steps up to help out without receiving any pay for his efforts. Without Volunteers” there simply wouldn’t be a Kelowna Snowmobile Club.

Look at this brief list and consider this end result if not for Volunteers. 

- There would not be trail system. 

- Cabins would be left to fall apart

- No firewood at the cabins

- Trail grooming would not exist

- Parking lot would be under 5 ft. of snow.

- No one to meet with Government agencies to ensure areas are kept open to snowmobilers and logging doesn't over take our area .

- There simply would not be a "Kelowna Snowmobile Club".

If you snowmobile in the Graystokes or Myra / Idabel areas that are maintained by the club, please give this some thought. You are benefiting from the efforts of the few who step up and it’s time that you did so as well. For those of you who do pitch in, your efforts are greatly appreciated and you have every reason to feel good about a job well done and being a leader…not a follower.

Dinner Meeting Dates:

March 20, 2018

General Events:

None till next season