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When You Encounter The Groomer On The Trail
From Behind: 

  • If Trail width is 2x the size of the groomer, pass on the left slowly.
  • Never pass the groomer on a corner.
  • stay as far away from the groomer as possible.
  • If the Trail is narrow wait for the groomer operator to stop and signal before passing the groomer.

From The Front:

  • Immediately slow down and stop
  • The groomer will attempt to allow you to pass
  • If the Trail is too narrow, turn around and wait in an area which will be wide enough to pass the groomer or pull safely off the trail.

Do Not Pass On A Corner: 

  • Do NOT pass the groomer on a corner unless the groomer operator has stopped the groomer and signalled that it is safe for you to pass. 

If  You Need To Talk To The Operator: 

  • Hold up your hand like a traffic cop signalling the operator to stop.
  • The groomer operator will stop in a safe spot and come to you.
  • Do not step up on the groomer tracks to speak with the operator.

Say Thank you: 

  • Give the groomer operator a “thumbs up”. Let him/her know you appreciate his/her volunteer efforts to keep the trails smooth and safe for you.

The Bamboo Poles:

  • Please do not remove, move or damage these poles.
  • Bamboo poles are used along main trail arteries to mark the trails for the groomer operator to follow.
  • These poles also help to direct snowmobilers safely along our main trail systems as well guide the groomer away from lakes and dangerous spots. 

If you encounter a dangerous trail condition:
Or a problem with one of the Cabins either in the Graystokes or Myra/Idabel area, please let us know at or contact a club member on the Contacts Page so we can rectify the problem.



C-bar versus drag:
I thought I would let everyone know what the procedure is for the grooming. We always start the year by using the C-bar to pioneer the trails building a base filling any water crossings or ditches. Packing the trails makes it possible to get around with the mogul master drag that we use for the majority of trails for the season.

We often get asked "Why aren't you using the drag now?" Although the drag makes for smoother trails (due to the multiple blades) when there is not much snow and or a poor base the chance of hitting rocks etc and breaking a blade is very high. This obviously creates down time and a cost to repair. This year we are seeing higher water levels then usual so we will continue to fill them in and work on getting that good base. We are working at getting and keeping all trails as smooth as possible. Hope to see everyone up enjoying our great riding areas!

Ride safe & enjoy!

Rick Given

The Following Trials Have Been Groomed:

Grooming has been active in the graystokes area. Check the KSC facebook group  for up to date Grooming information [Dec 12]

McCulloch/Myra Status:


The Following Trials Have Been Groomed:​

Unknown [Dec 12]

Graystokes Status: