Kelowna Snowmobile Club 

To say it’s been a challenging year is an understatement. Fortunately for the Kelowna Snowmobile Club (KSC), sledders are a resilient group that work together for the betterment of snowmobiling and no matter what the challenge, we always prevail.

A big thank you to all the firefighters throughout the province for dealing with the worst wild fire season in history. Also former KSC President Dave Leimert for local updates and our entire local Fire Department’s who managed to contain the Joe Rich and Grayback fires, currently in the mop up stage, with minimal damage to our riding areas and no loss of cabins. They truly are heroes!

While I’m on the subject of fires, I’ve been in close contact with the RCMP all summer, making phone calls and sending emails weekly requesting updates on our vandalized groomer. I finally have good news, Crown Counsel has approved charges against the perpetrator, and a summons has been issued to appear in court. I will keep the membership updated as the trial progresses.

I would personally like to thank all our members, businesses, individuals and all organizations that made donations to help fund the new groomer. Also Ben Drodge and the Vernon Snowmobile Club, who offered their groomer, a helping hand and a free booth at their hill climb, to help the KSC offset some of our losses. Ben’s our BCSF representative and a strong voice in the snowmobile sector that bodes well for the future of our sport!

I am currently working closely with our groomer co-ordinator Rick Given and our treasurer Dewey Lotoski to finalize the details with Danny Hendricks from All Cat on the purchase of a replacement groomer. Rick will provide a detailed groomer report with updated photos in the near future.

Membership renewal is now active; you can purchase primary and secondary yearly passes on our website @ or manually at our local dealers in mid October.

A big thank you to our entire Board and Executive Committee for your dedication and commitment to the KSC, and look forward to moving the club forward in a positive direction.

Your President,

Roger Frost

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