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Trail Safety

Alcohol and snowmobiling do not mix

Alcohol increases fatigue, impairs your ability to make good decisions, and slows your reaction time. It’s part of a formula for disaster. The Kelowna Snowmobile Club supports Zero Tolerance for alcohol.

Know your limits and the limits of your snowmobile

Dress for cold weather:

It goes without saying that proper cold weather underwear and outerwear, boots and gloves are a necessity and clothing must also be wind-proof. Always wear a helmet for warmth as well as safety. A visor or goggles are essential for clear vision and wind protection. Novice snowmobilers should ask more experienced riders the best type of clothing for local conditions.

Never Travel Alone:

Always tell someone where you are going. Make a plan and stick to it.

Beware of Water:

The safest snowmobiling rule is never to cross lakes or rivers. 

Be Mountain Aware:

Be aware of avalanche conditions in mountainous areas. For information on avalanche awareness & current conditions go to For more snowmobile safety information tips take a snowmobile safety course and visit

Watershed Stewardship

The Okanagan Highlands provides more then great snowmobiling. It is also a major watershed for the Central Okanagan by supplying the drinking water and irrigation for tens of thousands of local residents. The Kelowna Snowmobile Club is proud of the excellent relationship we have developed with the Black Mountain Irrigation District and the South East Kelowna Irrigation District. We fully support their efforts to keep our water supply safe.

  • Please obey signs around the water reservoirs in both riding areas. Minimize your exposure to lake and creek crossings.
  • Make every effort to recover and clean up any fluid spilled from your machine.
  • Carry out what you carry in.

Vehicles not permitted on our trail system 

Kelowna Snowmobile Club trails including Myra Canyon Scenic Routes and Upper Two John Sections as well as all trails leading to and from the Graystokes Provincial Park only snowmobiles and snow bikes are permitted in season. These trails are groomed and established under FRPA as snowmobile trails. By definition, a snowmobile must have a track and a ski. All other motorized vehicles are prohibited when these trails are in a groomed condition.    

Graystokes Provincial Park  as stated on webpage:  

  • No motorized vehicles, including off-road and all-terrain vehicles. Only snowmobiles are permitted during the winter months.